Refoundation of the State

"The refoundation of the state in my opinion, it is the break, it is the Big Bang, which makes it possible to make a clean sweep of old clothes, defects and old habits that die hard. A past that is shameful. It is a more or less long process, an operation undertaken over a period of time intended to review the bases on which our institutions, our policy, functioned. It is a question of replacing them with modern, adequate, necessary elements, in accordance with the new situations, the new demands, the new requiremnts of our populations. It is a reconsideration of the bases - principles, values, beliefs, mentalities - on which our State relies to build its development strategy and good governance. »....

"The refoundation of the state often intervenes to correct, to restore order (we speak of the new order). It intervenes to put an end to a situation of chaos, of laisser-faire, a deliquescence of manners, a loss of landmarks and faith, in institutions and men. It comes when doubt exists in the minds of the leaders and populations of a state. "


      (From the book "The Refoundation of the State in Gabon - Advocacy for a new Republic, Mr. Louis Gaston MAYILA, Gabonese politician.)

Arusha chords dead or alive?

After the promulgation of a constitution that undermines the compromises of the Arusha Accords, the fate of these agreements remains uncertain. Although imperfect as agreements, the Arusha Accords are the only pact between Burundians, a pact that ended a long civil war. These agreements should be the starting point for any compromise. No party to the agreements has any right to change these agreements without the involvement and consent of the other signatory parties.

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Living together in our differences

The tumultuous past in which Burundi has been living since independence shows us that if we do not learn to live together in peace, like brothers, we will die together like idiots. As imperfect as the Arusha agreements are, they have shown us that our problems can be solved. Either we learn to live together, or we continue to tear each other apart and ruin the future of our country and all future generations.

Modern and emerging Burundi, it's you, it's me. Join us and contribute your ideas for actions of refoundation of the Burundian Nation in the Movement of Patriotic Actions (MAP) -Burundi Buhire

In order to save our suffocating Nation, we created the Movement for Patriotic Actions  (MPA) -Burundi Buhire, a political movement by the people and for the people with a distinctive aim  for the refoundation of the Burundian Nation.


The ultimate goal of MPA is to provide Burundi with a new political order, based on the will of the people, without distinction of political party, ethnicity, religion, region, level of education, social rank, sex, professional career.

A new political class of patriots, endowed with a well thought out national vision, based on the values of Ubushingantahe, Ubuntu, patriotism and ethics. The strict adherence to the notions of of truth and integrity, will help this movement to build a glorious future for our country Burundi.

A modern and emerging Burundi needs you and me. It needs all its daughters and sons, without distinction, all together, hand in hand like brothers and sisters to strive for a united, peaceful, dignified, prosperous and modern Burundi.


We thank you in advance for your contributions. Send your ideas, remarks and suggestions to the below e-mail address:



Arusha Accords and the Protection of minorities 

Peace and security are prerequisites for democracy and development. The return to peace first requires an effective reform of the defense and security forces to make them republican bodies, professional, politically neutral, respectful of the human dignity and balances prescribed by the Arusha Agreement for the Peace and Reconciliation. The Movement will help bring Burundi to a strong and truly national army and security system. MAP will work towards the establishment of bodies constituted above political-ethnic fanaticism, but rather devoted to the service of citizens.

Economy and developpement strategy for Burundi

According to recent data from the World Bank, the overall poverty rate is 74.7% of the population. Food insecurity is very worrying, with over 57% of children suffering from chronic malnutrition. The lack of job creation policy means that 65% of young people are unemployed while they represent 60% of the population. The socio-economic situation in which Burundi currently stands is untenable. With a food crop that can no longer feed its population, Burundi survives today thanks to food aid from foreign countries or humanitarian organizations. The first steps towards industrialization have been annihilated by poor economic governance practices. Social services for health, education and assistance to the most vulnerable populations are endangered. Burundi needs to restore confidence in its people, business people, foreign investors and partners, including its neighbors.

Education and modernisation of burundian society 

More than 45 200 children are not enrolled in primary school, more than 200 000 adolescents are out of school, less than 7% of the population is in tertiary education, 3% of them girls. Improvised reforms and restrictive measures are not only hurting the Burundian education system, but also mortgaging the future of an entire people. The extreme poverty of the vast majority of Burundian households and the poorly organized education system mean that hundreds of thousands of children drop out of primary and secondary school, and tens of thousands do not pursue higher education or university education.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”

Martin Luther King

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