We are burundian women and men of very good will. We are teachers, lawyers, executives, business leaders, government officials, students, refugees, civil society activists, Diaspora members, Burundians from all corners of the country, artists, etc. . concerned about the security, humanitarian and socio-economic situation in which their Motherland, Burundi, is currently  in, and are determined to participate in the process of refounding the Burundian Nation, with a view to restoring the hope of the Burundian people , bruised by several decades of political turmoil and crises.

Indeed, the history of contemporary Burundi since the years of independence to the present day remains marked by recurrent crises. While Burundi does not lack the potential to live in peace and develop, the economic slump and poverty that affect the majority of the population make Burundi the poorest country in the world. Unemployment affects 65% of Burundian youth who represent 60% of the population. The socio-economic sectors: education, health, agriculture, industries, services, environment, are in a state of total decay, while the Burundian economy is, today, in a total asphyxia.

The Burundian people are losing confidence in the political class, which has abused and pushed the population  into the most abject poverty, and led burundians into an uncertain future. Burundi is seriously in danger.

During this time, the ruling power is ignoring the misery of the population, let alone the repeated calls of the international community to engage in a constructive and inclusive dialogue and thus create conditions for the return of peace and stability of the country.

 Our message is first and foremost to give hope to the Burundian people with a vision for lasting peace and shared prosperity. The condition for the success of this noble project of refoundation of our Nation is that all the Burundian patriots, thanks to the dynamism and our determination, is that we MUST draw the necessary energy in the cultural values of Ubushingantahe and Ubuntu, which had glued the Nation Burundian for centuries .


In order to save our suffocating Nation, we created the Patriotic Action Movement (PAM) -Burundi Buhire, a citizen political movement for the refoundation of the Burundian Nation. The ultimate goal of the MAP is to provide Burundi with a new political order, based on a civic will, without distinction of political party, ethnicity, religion, region, level of education, social rank, sex, professional career.

A new political class of patriots, endowed with a well thought out national vision, based on values of  Ubushingantahe, Ubuntu, patriotism and ethics and the strict adherence to the notions of truth and integrity, will bring this movement, how beneficial for the future of Burundi.

Modern and emerging Burundi needs you and needs me. Burundi needs all her daughters  and sons, without distinction, all together, hand in hand like brothers and sisters to build a united, peaceful, dignified, prosperous and modern Burundi.

Join us in the actions of the Movement for Patriotic Actions  (MPA) -Burundi Buhire for the refoundation of a Burundian Nation based on dignity, patriotism and Ubushingantahe.


Together we will succeed.

Let's build UBURUNDI BUHIRE together.

We thank you  for your contributions. Send your ideas, remarks and suggestions to MPA-BURUNDI BUHIRE on the e-mail address below:


Signed, for the initiative group


Emery Pacific IGIRANEZA,


UK - Manchester

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