At the end of a broad consultation process , Burundians living in Burundi and those of the Diasporas decided to create a citizen political movement for the refoundation of the Nation and the Burundian State, called "Movement of Patriotic Actions" (MPA) - Burundi Buhire " and to implant it in Burundi and in the countries where many of the Burundian compatriots reside or have found refuge.


MPA is a new framework of political and civic expression open to Burundian men and women of integrity, animated by patriotic spirit, competent and ready for major national projects.


It is a unifying and inclusive political and citizen movement, whose mission is to redress the chaotic situation our country Burundi is in; by working to build a modern, secular, dignified and prosperous state based on rule of law, and  to improve the collective well-being of all Burundians

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